Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Conscience of a Ron Paul Supporter - Learning to Love Big Brother

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Ever wonder what goes on inside the head of a Ron Paul supporter who isn't a giant racist and actually has to rationalize supporting a blatantly lying candidate? Here you can have a look at how a Ron Paul supporters off the Ron Paul forums reacts to the revelations about the newsletters, tries to cope with it and adopts a "party line" which he doesn't really believe himself.

It's an instructive look not only inside the Ron Paul campaign but inside a mind warped by propaganda and finding no choice but to "learn to love big brother" in the form of Ron Paul.

It's a story told in screenshots of how the human mind adapts to believing in lies.

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And so Daron learned to love and believe in Ron Paul again.

The End?

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Anonymous said...

Good heavens.

They convince themselves that the truth isn't the truth.

I've said it before and i'll say it again: The Ron Paul movement is a goddamn cult.

Andrew Austin said...

I love this page!

phh said...

That's so sad. He doesn't even seem to realize that he no longer cares whether they're true or not--just whether people can be convinced that the documents are faked (a ridiculous assertion in itself). It usually takes a lot longer than a single evening for a person's idealism to die.

Larry Silverstein said...

Nothing more disgusting to American politics than the entire Paultard movement of racists, anti-semites and sheep who just joined the crowd cause they saw some YouTube videos.

I hope you, and other readers will enjoy my blog.

Britt said...


All we got now is the signatures, but the point is to repeat it over and over. we can make the thought reality.

Joseph Goebbels:
“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it..."

“The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly - it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over”

Sultan Knish said...

and that is exactly what they've been doing

dumbing down the message to something simple, senseless and stupid and repeating it ad naseum

"It's been debunked"

"Ron Paul can't be a racist because he believes in freedom"

Spam said...

Why does the post count not go up?

jus askin.

Uriah said...

That may be so but the trains run on time in Paul-land.

Eric said...

Great post. It's absolutely unbelievable how people are sticking with this guy, even when they apparently disagree with the sentiments in those newsletters.

Peterus said...

If this is best what
US libertarians can come up with - you will have two parties for a long time.

I'd say interventionism and relatively big goverment on the right and democrats bordering European socialism would be an opening for libertarians. Just run with individual freedom.

And Ron Paul's image... has only one common denominator - radicalism.

Anonymous said...

You gotta wonder about someone who manages to spell wonder oneder, drunk or not.

knobdy said...

I would vote for Paul if given the opportunity, but I'm not a "follower" - or, rather, I didn't wake up this last year and discover him. He ran for high ranking office 20 years ago and I knew of him then.

That said, I don't think most of those comments that have been oft repeated are all that racist or anti-semite (and I'm a very pro zionist).

Here's hoping Thompson starts winning!

Fabián said...

Please keep this page up forever. It will still give the chill to my grand grand children.

89 said...

It feels a bit like being present when the 9/11 "truth" movement was being formed. Same mindset. "Let's just make stuff up and repeat it."

Re: Spam
"Why does the post count not go up?"

Because the guy didn't make any new posts while these post were captured. The post count shown will be the same on all the user's posts. If he makes a new post in the forums, then all his older posts will show that the post number has gone up by 1.

The posts do have individual numbers through the thread though: You can see it starts with post number 1 and ends with post number 203 in one thread, and then it goes to other threads after that.
There is also an unique board-wide identifier for each post which is not shown, but which you can see by hovering the mouse over the "quote" button.

John Lynch said...

Internet forums that have anything to do with politics are a waste of time. They reward behavior like this, and punish disagreement.

If you are in a minority on a forum, you have to have a really thick skin. And even then the inability to change anyone's mind makes it pretty pointless. Big forums tend to be ruled by terrorists who have no lives and nothing better to do.

It's much better to sit back, not read forum posts by ignorant people, avoid political blogs, and form your political opinions over months and years rather than hours and days. Being too close causes a loss of perspective.

MPH said...

Through all the denials...I keep coming back to this thought:

Ron Paul may not have written all of those articles under his name -- but you know DAMN WELL that he read them (even if he read them after publication)...Of course he read many of the articles in his own newsletter. You are telling me, a booklet is on your table -- your name is on the cover -- and you aren't going to open it?

Drew Vader from the dark side of Filadelphia said...

That was hilarious! Its almost like watching a captain go down with his ship. This thread deserves some soundtrack, I suggest circus music or something like that.

Droo said...

I totally agree, it was hysterical. Something more epic for the soundtrack though. Night on Bald Mountain or "Ride of the Valkyries," perhaps. They really capture the sinking-ship desperation of that guy's posts.

DRH said...

Poor bastard.

Jarrod Henry said...

Typical Ron Paul supporter.

Ron Lawl said...

I should probably post a link to my FAQ on this.

It covers all the major talking points from the "Ron Paulogists" attempting to "debunk" the newsletter.

COMALite J said...

drew vader and droo, my choice for soundtrack would be that epic operatic soundtrack played on Dragon Ball Z whenever a major villain is finally killed by the Good Guys. ;-)

Ron “Perfect” Cell has fallen.

(former Ron Paul supporter here, but I ended my support somewhat before all of this, when it became apparent that he lied about his disbelief in evolution — made much less forgiveable because he’s an M.D. — for him to deny evolution is tantamount to an expert machine-language computer programmer or hacker denying the existence of Boolean algebra).

COMALite J said...

Oops, I wanted followup Emails. Forgot to check the box.