Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Google Conspiracy Turns on Ron Paul

As the Ron Paul campaign becomes increasingly hopeless, Ron Paul supporters discover that Google has betrayed the Revolusion and is now causing the Ron Paul forums to load slowly.

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Today I typed Ron Paul into my Google search engine, and the Google News section didn't pop up. I had to click the "News" tab just to see what was up. I went back to a normal search, looked through the whole first page, then the second page, then the third page... Google doesn't post "News results for Ron Paul" when you search his name... I'd been noticing that they would post pictures OTHER than Dr. Paul, whenever the Ron Paul news would come up, or that the link would be put lower and lower on the page. What's up, Google? I googled 'Mitt Romney' and News results for mitt romney was the FIRST link that popped up.

And now, it takes me a while to load up Ron Paul forums, is there construction going up on this page or is my high-speed internet just slower at picking up this website? I'm not tech-savvy or anything, so I don't really know if my concerns are legitimate, but they're concerns nonetheless.

One things for sure, if they think they can shut out/censor/blackout Dr. Paul's message, then they can sure as hell expect me to join Dr. Paul in his march on Washington!!!

Damn those Googlers, now they're causing PICTURES OTHER THAN RON PAUL to load.

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Time-Warner owns google. That should answer your question.

Well it certainly answers some questions. But don't worry Haliburton and the Freemasons own everyone.
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Default google is a CFR memeber though

wikipedia shows google as a CFR member though

No wonder Google keeps trying to get me to join the New World Order.

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RucdelaSpook, who do you think setup Google and why?

An Old Analyst needs a younger analyst to avoid tin foil hat transference.

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Default Don't look at me...

I have no idea. I guess I could look it up on Wikipedia. I saw a documentary on Google once, and it looked like a bunch of college kids made it. I do think that Google has a lot of power though. In the interview with some blond woman (i think she was vice-president or something), they asked her why Google just retains everything and why they never delete their user information. She kind of gave a bad reason why they were doing this (something about how it went into the efficiency of their search engine and the algorithms, and that it was faster to keep a memory of what the user was trying to look for), but I was a little concerned. That's one of the reasons why I don't use Gmail-- if that makes any difference. Also, because some Chinese guy got sent to prison (and killed?)because they bowed to the Chinese Gov't.

And Rucdela keeps demonstrating her insightful knowledge of the internets.

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Originally Posted by stilltrying View Post
wikipedia shows google as a CFR member though
I will be darned They are a member according to that. My membership list does not show that, but shows Reader's Digest, which is not on that list. It would be almost impossible to boycott all those companies..what have we let our nation become?
You can say a lot of things about America but the fact that these morons didn't get their way in the primaries almost gives me hope.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Crazy Paultard Comment of the Day: You focus an fanciful foolery while Rome Burns.

Fools and their rights are soon parted.

You focus an fanciful foolery while Rome Burns.

The Economic Catastrophe that Ron Paul has forewarned is upon us. His monetary understanding will be vindicated in 2008.

May your children reap what you sow.

I vote for virtue; I vote for Ron Paul.

Posted by: PainfullyAware on January 23, 2008 2:46 AM

Damn us for focusing on our fanciful foolery. Can we not see that Ron Paul has forewarned us in capital letters that the sun is about to collide with the earth! Why stand ye gazing halfwitted! Let us burn the opposing candidates for I swear forsooth that they are witches and have had congress with the beast.

Can't you just see this guy wearing sandals and a robe and holding up a big oversized sign filled with misspelled quotations from the Bible and Locke while smelling of feces.

Scientology and Ron Paul

Sultan Knish

Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Paultard Shall Rise Again!

More African-Americans support Ron Paul than any other racist candidate and here's one of them.

Klansman RP Coordinator Agreed with Ron Paul on 90 Percent of the Issues

The Midland resident said he joined the Paul election bandwagon on his own to learn about political activism and because he agreed with the Texas congressman on "90 percent" of the issues.

Daily Kos, a liberal news blog, has claimed Paul campaign coordinators were aware of Gray's Klan ties before Roszman's statement was posted.

Roszman said she knew nothing about Gray's connection to the group.

"The very first time I ever even heard of this is when national called me," she said. "I have been completely unaware of this. I was completely caught off guard."

Gray also acknowledged he was listed as an organizer, recruiter and Klan cable show sponsor on a list of speakers at the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan in Arkansas, the Web site reported.

He said he spoke at the gathering two years ago about using public access "as a means of getting our message out."

"I think people when they think of the KKK they blow it out of proportion about what it's all about," he said.

Gray once submitted a 30-minute television program entitled "This Is The Klan" to Midland Community Television.

A December 2005 Saginaw News story also reported that Gray submitted white supremacist James P. Wickstrom's 90-minute presentation, "The Enemy Among Us," to the MCTV public access channel. Wickstrom, whose Christian Identity teachings maintain that Jews descended from Satan while white Western Europeans descended from Adam, held meetings at a Hampton Township furniture store before an arsonist torched it.

Talk about Tikkun Olam

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Worst Ron Paul Based Investment Plan Ever

Daniel Breit (Georgia State) wrote
at 11:22pm on October 17th, 2007

GO RONNNYY! GO!!!!!!!!!! we can do this we just need to keep donating. i do not want to go broke but i know that if i donate enough to his campaign that he will be able to spread his word. it is not easy to educate idiots that watch fox news and cnn all the damn time and disregard Ron. I just hope that these idiots will stop being idiots and realize the truth when they are more exposed to it. They will be exposed if we DONATE as much as we possibly can. Donating money to Ron will prevent me from going broke in the future because having ANY other candidate as president for at least another 4 years will be devastating for the future of this country. I just ordered a Ron Paul t-shirt and some slimjims from his campaign website. I suggest you do the same so we can start educating people and spread the word as much as we can. PEACE AND LOVE TO ALL MY RONNYY SUPPORTERS!

Forget prosecuting credit card companies for robbing naive college students and try holding the Ron Paul campaign accountable for robbing naive college students.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ron Paul Campaign Removes Vox Day's Endorsement

I didn't even try to cover Vox Day's endorsement of Ron Paul, but what is startling is that the Ron Paul campaign actually ran the endorsement, before apparently pulling it from their site (getting to be a habit boys?)

I didn't cover this one since beating up Theodore Beale slash Vox Day, who's basically a stupid rich punk kid living in Italy, possibly somewhere near his escaped felon father, and penning Christian fantasy novels under Theodore Beale while penning hatefilled rants as Vox Day in a column that Daddy's stolen money bought him over at WorldNetDaily, isn't even worth my time.

If you want the Vox Day or Theodore Beale endorses Ron Paul coverage, Shakesville has it.