Saturday, February 2, 2008

Worst Ron Paul Based Investment Plan Ever

Daniel Breit (Georgia State) wrote
at 11:22pm on October 17th, 2007

GO RONNNYY! GO!!!!!!!!!! we can do this we just need to keep donating. i do not want to go broke but i know that if i donate enough to his campaign that he will be able to spread his word. it is not easy to educate idiots that watch fox news and cnn all the damn time and disregard Ron. I just hope that these idiots will stop being idiots and realize the truth when they are more exposed to it. They will be exposed if we DONATE as much as we possibly can. Donating money to Ron will prevent me from going broke in the future because having ANY other candidate as president for at least another 4 years will be devastating for the future of this country. I just ordered a Ron Paul t-shirt and some slimjims from his campaign website. I suggest you do the same so we can start educating people and spread the word as much as we can. PEACE AND LOVE TO ALL MY RONNYY SUPPORTERS!

Forget prosecuting credit card companies for robbing naive college students and try holding the Ron Paul campaign accountable for robbing naive college students.

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