Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ron Paul is the next Mother Theresa! How dare you say bad things about him? It is blasphemous!

Ron Paul?

You will be sued for these lies.

RonPaulHero - Dublin - United States - Monday, January 28, 2008 - 1:40:14 AM

Ron Paul is the next Mother Theresa and Freedom Fighter for the second revolution in the USA. How dare you say bad things about him? It is blasphemous!

Do you fund your neighbor's children? Do they come to your house to eat everything in your fridge? No I don't think so. You would not put up with that for long.

You said "He is not a serious candidate, he is a spoiler candidate meant to insure a Republican does not become President. The real consequence of the Ron Paul campaign is to be a spoiler candidate, to have Ron Paul run as a third party candidate and bring Hillary Clinton or Obama to power."

This is a libelous LIE. Ron Paul intends to go the distance and try as hard as possible to win, and he also NEVER will run as 3rd party.

Saying that "Ron Paul's sympathies lie here, with the Muslim terrorists" is something that you should be hearing from a laywer about. It's anti-American, and thus racist.

STOP IT NOW. You are pathetic and shame to your country.

Pathetic and shame to your country? I thought that was Ron Paul. But man oh man, will these libel lawsuits never cease.

Now I'm being accused of blasphemy, racism, being anti-american too. But remember Ron Paul supporters love freedom and it's only evil conservatives who silence people by calling them anti-american and evil liberals who silence them by calling them racist. Not Ron Paul supporters... no way.

So how does Ron Paul look in a dress anyway?


Bellesouth said...

No - maybe this guy has a point!

Didn't you read that story from Christopher Hitchens a few years ago?

He conducted some research and determined Mother Teresa didn't give a crap about the poor either.

Why is someone who is soooo into the 'freedom' Ron Paul allegedly pushes coming in and saying you need to be hushed for expressing freedom of speech?

Stupid internet people.

Sultan Knish said...

so that makes ron paul, mother t in drag

the people most adamant about their freedoms often don't want anyone else to have any

Anonymous said...

I'm pissed that my you tube page isn't included in your anti ronpaul links somehow