Sunday, January 13, 2008

Six Stages of Ron Paul Supporters Coping with the fact that Ron Paul is a Lying Racist

1. Denial - "Ron Paul is not a racist! It's been debunked! It's old history! People lied to him! The mainstream media is out to get him!"

2. Anger - "You only hate Ron Paul because you hate the Constitution! You CFR/NWO freaks will get what's coming to you! The sheeple are rising up, GOTV in Alaska! You're the real racists. Voter Fraud in New Hampshire! I Hope you like Mexican trucks! We'll get you!"

3. Bargaining - "Okay we'll have our next fundraiser on Martin Luther King Day. We've got to get the word out that MLK would have supported Ron Paul because Ron Paul wants to make sure black people have all the drugs they want without going to jail, how could that possibly make him a racist?"

4. Depression - "Why does the media keep calling him a racist? Don't they know he delivered 4000 babies? We're not going to win, this is hopeless. I gave away a month's salary for nothing. I could have bought a PS3 with that and a 3rd generation iPod. This sucks."

5. Acceptance - "Oh well, Ron Paul won't be President, drugs are still illegal, we're not going to be on the gold standard and we can't own slaves. Life stinks."

6. Insanity - "Forget Ron Paul, he worked for the CFR anyway along with Lew Rockwell. Lyndon LaRouche is the only man who can save America! 9/11 was a conspiracy, the Queen of England sells drug, the Trilateral Commission stole my pants, Jesuits are smuggling heroin in the golden triangle to fund the CIA's war on the Greys who are using their UFO's as HAARP tuners to change our weather patterns to make Alex Jones immortal!!!! Lyndon LaRouche in 2012!!!"

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