Sunday, January 20, 2008

In Which the Right Reverend Bogle Threatens to Sue Me

Honorary Paultard and Southern Party Leader the Reverend Jacob Bogle (actually a 24 year old med student who founds lots of Southern pride organizations) got a little hot under the collar and harnessing the mighty power of his email, threatened to sue me.

To put this into context, Ron Paul supporters have spent a week screaming that Jamie Kirchik would be sued. Those same folks screamed when I exposed Jim Perry as a fraud that they would sue me. Because those great lovers of the constitutions are not fans of free speech, when it criticizes their messiah slash candidate.

Now my post on Jacob Bogle, FAS demonstrated that the Ron Paul campaign had run an endorsement from a neo-confederate party leader.

Now Jacob Bogle writes

From: "Jacob Bogle"

Subject: Re: Neo-Confederate endoresment, retraction

Your blog entitled Ron Paul Campaign Runs a Neo-Confederate Leader's Endorsement, leds people to believe that I am a racist and involved with neo-Nazi groups.
Nothing can be further from the truth. Your post is filled with factual errors and presuppositions. I demand you remove the article and post a retraction. Such defamatory claims violate the law and lack personal integrity.

Rev. Jacob Bogle, FAS

My Dear Southern Party Leader,

Dear Jacob,

please list these specific factual errors in my post.

I stated that you celebrate the idea of the confederacy, had an essay on natural segregation and a poem that called for the restoration of the confederacy

I did not state anywhere that you were a neo-nazi, as to whether you are a racist, that is your business. Maybe you can somehow argue that you love a system that perpetuated the enslavement of black men and women and run poems calling for its return not be a racist, but those kind of mental convolutions are your problem.

My post pointed out the racist and neo-confederate links in the Ron Paul campaign and their determination to clumsily hide them. You were a subset of that as you are a neo-confederate. Your law of natural segregation page, which you took down once I linked to it, doesn't exactly make you the champion of civil rights either.

Now in his defense on Liberty Post, Jacob Bogle states that

Lew Rockwell, Thomas DiLorenzo and others are among this nations intellectual elite, it is beyond explanation why someone would try to suggest they are anything but outstanding individuals.

Now the funny thing is that Ron Paul's former staffer Eric Dondero and Reason Magazine as well as others have pinned some of Ron Paul's racist newsletters on Lew Rockwell, including his "95 percent of black males are criminals" tirade. It seems that Bogle has no problem with Rockwell.

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