Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Return of the Reverend Bogle

Because you can't keep a good leader down. No siree, he'll send you more angry emails upset because you replied in a blog instead of hand delivering an email to him sealed with a kiss.

From: "Jacob Bogle" <________________@yahoo.com>

It is nice to know you'd rather not reply to me personally.

But I am replying to you personally, the only reason why you would want a personal email from me would be because you would rather not conduct this exchange out in the open.

I did not threaten to sue you I simply said, "libelous statements violate law"

Uh huh. And the Kaiser wears a green tutu. Writing "I demand you remove the article and post a retraction. Such defamatory claims violate the law" is an obvious lawsuit threat.

I will have a nice reply to your entire new blog post within the next few days.

Great, but you've failed to point out those defamatory statements, for the second time around. I'm sure that me and your three followers will be really looking forward to your blog post on the topic.

Until then I just want to remind you and let everyone else know about the Law of Natural Segregation.

"When a group of people are left alone, free of outside interference, they will separate themselves according to similar aspects. Such as race, sex, religion, age, education, socio-economic status, nation of origin, similar experiences and other similar and defining characteristics." A prime example of this is inside either a class room or large meeting, look around and you will find people in groups regardless of the amount of diversity. Natural segregation is a totally natural process and is the way in which a society and culture form.

There is nothing sinister about that and you would be hard pressed to find an educated person who disagrees.

Press harder, I'm an educated person and I disagree. When such an essay is written up by a neo-confederate group, it sounds rather disturbingly like the opening for an apologetic for enforced segregation. In the same way that a NAMBLA article on child brides in aboriginal culture isn't going to read like some innocuous anthropological overview.

You allow the assumption that the "Law of Natural Segregation" and myself are in some way radical, involved with racists and so on by not giving the text in your blog and by lumping me with radical groups such as the Council of Conservative Citizens.

I shouldn't have needed to give the text since I linked to it on your page, which you took down and replaced with something about Ron Paul. Attacking me for not saving a copy of your segregation piece when you were the one who took it down is laughably dishonest.

As for removing it, I did so because it did have misspellings and to allow people to read my reply. The full essay will be back up in the next few days. You can however find a copy via Google cache, un-altered.

It doesn't take weeks to correct misspellings in in a several paragraph essay. Microsoft Word can do it in 5 minutes. Taking the page down for several weeks suggests you didn't want people to see it.

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