Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Rev Bogle Replies a Third Time

"Jacob Bogle"
Subject: Re:
I must be doing well if I have a whole four followers, indeed.

To anyone reading this it must be rather obvious as to your real goal which is simply defamation by petty means. All a person has to do is read beyond your words and do a bit of research. Your statements are defamatory in the way you represent me and the Southern Movement to your readers. Which leads them to think, any of the aforementioned, are radical and racist.

I have provided all I'm going to say on the issues of the Confederacy, the "Law" and so on. Of course you didn't provide the full text of our little chat, I suppose you don't stand by your words.

I have requested you remove my name and organizations and you have not. Any further action will be between third parties.

Rev. Jacob Bogle, FAS

Oh remember when the Rev was saying he hadn't threatened to sue me. Okay so now we're back to threatening to vaguely threatening to sue me, whatever 'between third parties' means.

Now you'll note I asked him several times to list any specific defamatory statements I've made, which he has failed to do, instead he's claimed that I 'represent' him and his movement in a defamatory way. A dead end claim legally. There is no such thing as a legal right to not be criticized on the internet, as any number of companies and individuals have discovered.

The Rev. Bogle has not replied to any of the points I raised and doesn't seem to be able to defend his views. Which suggests that this whole email charade was an attempt to intimidate me into taking down a negative post, this is of course typical of the behavior of Ron Paul supporters who claim to want free speech but act as free speech terrorists when dealing with anyone whose views are critical of them.

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