Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Craziest Ron Paul Ob/Gyn reference

26. Paul, Obama, Huckabee

The global economic meltdown we're all enjoying right now, was brought to you by the Bush's, the Clinton's, big government, big business, and ignorance on the part of the credit happy citizens of the USA. RON PAUL predicted it, laments it and can DELIVER us from it. Read his economic plan. (or watch it on utube) (He's an obgyn after all)
j burke - canada (01/22/2008 13:22)

Yeah, I can really see how Ron Paul's experience delivering babies gives his monetary policies a whole lot of credibility. Of course it's also a credible reason for electing any delivery boy President, cause they sure know how to DELIVER too. Most have saner economic policies too.

Hey my plumber really knows how to UNCLOG stopped drains. Maybe he should be President so he can UNCLOG Washington. See what I did there?

36. #27 So he's an obgyn. What does that have to do with anything?!
You Paulians are lunatics and fanatics.
McQueen - USA (01/22/2008 17:32)

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