Wednesday, January 23, 2008

RonPaulPaulooza Band "Poker Face" Exposes Satanic Jewish Conspiracy to Take Over World

Meet Poker Face, the band that really loves Ron Paul and really hates Jews, also a lot of other people. If they're not on Digg already, they probably should be. Here Paul Topete from Poker Face speaks and he sounds exactly like a retarded 14 year old. A retarded 14 year old with lots of dope.

We were labeled haters, racists, supremacists, anti-semites for just saying and posting the truth about the holoco$t, the domination of the African slave trade into the New World by Jewish merchants, Israel and NeoCons behind 9/11 events,

Now why would Poker Face be labeled as anti-semites just for being holocaust deniers who claim Jews were behind slavery and 9/11? What's next, calling David Duke an anti-semite? That damned Jewish conspiracy!

Because that is the hollyweird indoctrination of the sheeple. To be pre-programmed with pre-conceived attitudes. So when confronted with a real patriot or their struggle, THE MAN has already done the set up, so the dumbed-down sheeple react with emotion, instead of with critical thinking and engaging in conversation with the facts. I see this heavy programming going on with the new age cults and her many faces, some of them being the cult of Holocaustianity, the War on Scarorism and today, growing rapidly by leaps and bounds,

Oh man, not THE MAN again. You've got to admit Paul Topete is a very clever guy. I mean Hollywierd, Sheeple, Holocaustinaity. It's like he's speaking an exclusive language only available to guys with their own fallout shelters and collection of WW2 Nazi memorabilia.

Oh yeah a Ron Paul supporter who denies the Holocaust. I'm shocked--not.

I just don’t see hard-core communists ever coming around. Most are from an atheist-judeo background, who have no concept of a God and the freedoms he grants us that are unalienable.

Gosh, maybe you think Paul Topete doesn't like Jews?

Remember, all -isms of the last 500 years came from and grew out of the Sabbatean-Jewish mindset. Bolshevism, Communism, Socialism, Feminism, Jacobism, Neo-Conism etc… It is these satanic Jews, and the Rosicrucian Goyim henchmen that need to be erased from our planet. They are the cancer that is destroying humanity.

Jawohl mein herr. Ve do second Holocaust like one dat never happened. Stop calling us anti-semites just because we want to kill the Jews!

Our wannabe Globalist masters fear a spiritually awakened America. It would abruptly end their plans and machinations. Electing Ron Paul for President of the USA would completely end their plans as well.

Yeah I imagine electing Ron Paul would end lots of people's plans. Like anybody's plans to cross state lines to go anywhere or black people's plans to vote in elections or plans to buy food that isn't poisonous.

That is why the dumbing down through school, Churchianity and Kaballahwood-entertainment is at a high level. The average person can’t get away from it. It is everywhere. But the common Joe patriot will continue on until the day of the rope comes for them all. Maybe that date is the one represented by the Mayan Calendar. It is when the Evil Global Empire of the Devil is defeated, and heaven on Earth really reins Supreme.

Q. Hi I'm a crazy person, can I get an interview with your magazine?

A. How crazy are you?

Q. I support Ron Paul

A. That's a start

Q. The sheeple are programmed by Kabbalahwood and Churchianity until our globalist Satanic Jew masters are overthrown by Ron Paul on the Day of the Devil with a Supreme Global Overlord bringing Heaven on Earth!

A. You're in!

We have been attacked a few times by the real Haters in this world, groups like the All Defecation League – ADL, The Southern Perversion Losers Cult – SPLC and the All Communist Leagues Union - ACLU. Haters, because ultimately they HATE THE TRUTH.

I wonder if he actually speaks in ALL CAPS. Who knows. A guy clever enough to think of abbreviations like this can probably manage that too.

But a question for Paul, don't we all defecate? Is that really such a horrible insult? Maybe Paul doesn't defecate and substitutes on a pure Aryan liquid diet of colloidal silver.

We have been attacked because of our message. We are a tough group to try to peg into any group. If there was a category for us, it is that we are National-Populists.

Forget the Nazis, we're the Napos. Which means we're Nazis with frontal lobotomies and worse fashion sense.

But to quote that Satanic Jew Jerry Seinfeld, Poker Face isn't national or popular, so what gives? They are nuts though.

Today as a nation, we are a complete aberration of the concept our anti-federalist forefathers had wanted to fashion.

Wow so George Washington and Alexander Hamilton were actually Anti-Federalists. Also the Constitution was apparently an Anti-Federalist document. Who knew besides crazy guys who think Satanic Jews run the world and get their American history from William Pierce and Noam Chomsky.

Again look at the awesome support and growth behind Ron Paul and his message of more freedom and less government which is gaining daily. It is what we are truly meant to evolve as a human being.

If Paultards are the end of evolution, humanity is officially doomed. It's like an elephant evolving into a stinkbug. Repulsive yes, a step up, certainly not.

PT - When we heard rumblings that Mel Gibson was going to do a period film surrounding the Revolutionary War, it got our attention. The song I'd Rather Die Than Be Your Slave came quickly after that. When we finished recording it, we had 3 addresses to send it to; Mel Gibson’s California address (which was an old address so the disc was returned), to the production manager in South Carolina where much of the filming was done, and lastly the film scoring company Centropolis, where they had this mean Asian bitch get on the phone and chastise us for even thinking of sending anything to them since they don’t use any outside material. Like we knew this of course.

And thus the dream of including an unsolicited heavy metal song on the soundtrack of a movie about the revolutionary war from a band probably would have been happier if Mel Gibson was filming Birth of a Nation 2: Burn the Jews, died.

We are growing our live shows into the multi-media spectacle that Pink Floyd is/was. The better we are getting at making videos, the more we will start interjecting them into our live shows. We also want to bring visually our music set to color… But that is another topic for another day.

I'm guessing their music in color would strictly be in black and red.

The net is quickly advancing the destruction of this control by these generational satanic-blue blood trust fund families and they know this. That is why we believe that the Globalists will use their NWO-hit teams to create another managed crisis that will usher in their decadent Global Order. On the table are dirty nukes, fully laden nukes, and the ultimate enemy, the unseen enemy of a virus…. Avian flu… The pre-programming has begun a while ago for all 3 of these scenarios. When this happens, the American Patriot must rise up and act against the homegrown governmental-terrorists posing as legitimate government. They are violators of their oath of office, and must be reminded, that they too ARE NOT ABOVE THE LAW. TYRANNICIDE, will prevail again, as it did during King Georges time…. Off with their heads, if it must be.
Ron Paul supporters who think there are microchips in their heads want to overthrow the government and kill people. I didn't see that one coming... oh wait.

Vote Ron Paul... not.

Sultan Knish

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