Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ron Paul Hope for America: Be a Part of it - Join the KKK

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You just can't make this stuff up, not that you would want to. But don't worry this isn't the "Bad Klan". They don't like Nazis.

Meet the KKK of the Realm of Pennsylvania. Aka the PakuKluxKlan. No that doesn't stand for the Paul Klux Klan, though it might as well.

Their turnoffs include black people, jews and national socialism.

Contrary to what you may have heard, we are not "race haters" or some "evil lynch mob"! The Ku Klux Klan is about the love and fight for our own race, our Country and the ideals and institutions it was founded on. The Klan here in Pennsylvania is growing, and it is growing because we base our foundation on culture. And Illegal immigrants from Mexico who are flooding in to this country is a severe threat to our American Culture, and the God-given Supremacy of the White Race. Another reason for increase in membership is that the Klan is a white CHRISTIAN fraternity. Atheist, Muslims, Jews, etc. and other religions are on the increase which is another threat to our great Culture... For those that do hear the call of our Nation and join our beloved Order have the confidence that their membership will remain SECRET! For we are the Invisible Empire.

Shhh is Ron Paul a member of the SECRET invisible empire of the seven dorks?

I speak to all white men and white women, our American culture is at risk! The very ideals for which this country was founded, is at stake! So join the Largest Klan organization in America, Brotherhood of Klans - Knights of the Ku Klux Klan incorporated today, and together we will make a difference!!! We here at the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania wish to thank our loyal and devoted supporters for sending us your donations. With the money you gave us we were able to buy a new Ink Cartridge for our Laser Printer.
So the largest KKK organization in America just managed to raise enough money to buy a new laser printer cartridge? Man that makes me feel sorry for them. Almost enough to donate to them. Won't someone save the Klan's printer?

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Grand Klokard said...

We, the Realm of Pennsylvania of the Brotherhood of Klans is a new State Chapter for our Klan organization. But now that we have built up our savings and are financially secure with loyal members and supporters donating to our Grand Treasury.