Thursday, January 17, 2008

We Are At War - The Enemies of Ron Paul Must Be Purged

Ron Paul Forums Imitate Orwell! Asians and Moles Gang Up To Destroy Free Speech! Fun Time is Over! We Are At War!

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It's pretty funny how the same demographic that boos candidates who talk about the threat of terrorism and condemns it as Orwellian, is at the heart of it so fundamentally Orwellian themselves. It's just another reminder that the people who co-opted Orwell to describe any policy they didn't like, never understood him in the first place.


Jarrod Henry said...

Of course.

Free speech right up until they are disagreed with.

Then whoever is making the "free speech" is really a mole.

Check out this site, btw. I think it'd be interesting to run this on the Ron Paul movement.

Ignore the "Neopagan" in the domainname. It doesn't change the content of the page.

Anonymous said...

On a related line of thought, check out this RPF thread where they espouse pretending to be new converts in blog comments and venues for internet feedback:

Their justification: people are "sheep" anyway, so might as well have them be led by the Good Shepherd Ron Paul than by the neocon right. They say as much in the eagerly agreeing responses.