Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ron Paul Campaign Removes Vox Day's Endorsement

I didn't even try to cover Vox Day's endorsement of Ron Paul, but what is startling is that the Ron Paul campaign actually ran the endorsement, before apparently pulling it from their site (getting to be a habit boys?)

I didn't cover this one since beating up Theodore Beale slash Vox Day, who's basically a stupid rich punk kid living in Italy, possibly somewhere near his escaped felon father, and penning Christian fantasy novels under Theodore Beale while penning hatefilled rants as Vox Day in a column that Daddy's stolen money bought him over at WorldNetDaily, isn't even worth my time.

If you want the Vox Day or Theodore Beale endorses Ron Paul coverage, Shakesville has it.


future_primitive said...

Wow! I surfed on over to the actual Ron Paul official endorsement list. In addition to all these purged white supremacist nutters there are... well... there just isn't anybody else of consequence. It's astounding.

All the academics are Mises type anarcho-capitalists (and one veterinarian). Almost all of the health people are either chiropractors, anti-vaccination types, and "alternative" medicine people (some listed on the fraud and quackery sites and even under charges or investigation).Among the authors are some historical romance writers. The celebrities are well, just bleh. Poor Arlo Guthrie. The pols are all some obscure office or notably "former" somethings. And in the media, I just wanna grab Tucker Carlson by his schoolboy bow tie and pop it.

In short, his endorsements suck. They'll take what they can get.

Sultan Knish said...

well they had to purge just about anyone with name recognition as uncomfortable, so it's mises people, people no one ever heard of and assorted whack jobs in the media

Russet Shadows said...

I went to the link at the leftist blog, Shakespeare's Sister, and found that it was wholly inaccurate. Then again, I've called you on your sloppy reasoning when it comes to racism before, especially as regards your ignorance of the South.

You repeatedly engage in baseless assertions, name-call people you don't like, and generally do not engage in rational debate. In short, you are everything that you accuse Vox Day of being, and linking to notoriously hateful and inaccurate sites does not help you one bit.

Sultan Knish said...

I didn't read through the rest of the blog, but what exactly was wholly inaccurate about it?